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Tolna County Foundation for the Protection of Animals and Nature , Shelter of Szekszárd

Type:Animal protection organizationCounty:Tolna
Practice euthanasia:NoTown:Szekszárd
Tax number:18857632-1-17
Town on map:
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Bank account:11746005-20009812-00000000
E-mail 36-20-9810-558Street:Menhely: Bogyiszlói út 8. (térkép a honlapon)
Web site: Postal code:7100
Adoptable pets:
to adoption: Our shelter has always been a no-kill shelter. Our strong belief is that each dog, as a feeling creature, has a right to life, regardless of its breed and age. Every potential adopter must follow our regulations, including these points: The animal cannot be used for experiments of any kind. The animal cannot be sold to anybody. If it becomes impossible for the potential adopter to care for the animal, they agree to return it to the shelter.
More Information:Shelter: Szekszárd, Bogyiszlói str. 8. We speak English.

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