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Local branch of Herosz in Fejér county

Type:Animal protection organizationCounty:Fejér
Practice euthanasia:NoTown:Székesfehérvár
Tax number:19816016-1-43
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Bank account:OTP Bank 11736116-20084974-00000000
Phone:22 379-374
E-mail address:fejer.megye@herosz.huStreet:Takarodó u. 5.
Web site:http://fehervariallatotthon.huPostal code:8000
Adoptable pets:
to adoption:
The best thing you can do for us is adopting one of our protégés, because in this way you save two lives: the one's you adopt and the one's we can receive into the shelter. The animals taken care of by us can be taken home only in a healthy, inoculated, vermifuge and castrated/spayed (if it is possible) condition after signing an adoption contract. We are open every day from 14 p.m to 17 p.m. We only live on donations so please aid us when you adopt an animal.
More Information:Annual report 2009: new homepage (it is read in english):

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