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Canispro Hungary Állatvédő Alapítvány

Type:Animal protection organizationCounty:Pest
Practice euthanasia:NoTown:Vác
Tax number:18143331-1-13  
Bank account:11742094-20181208
Phone:+36-20 404-8660
E-mail address:canispro.hungary@gmail.comStreet:
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More Information:Canispro Hungary Animal Protection Society The main goal of Canispro Hungary is to rescue and rehabilitate mistreated animals and animals scheduled for destruction at shelters – mostly dogs. We place the rescued animals in the care of temporary foster families, or in animal motels, where they have a good chance to recoup from their injuries (whether physical or emotional), and get them ready for a new life with their future owners. While in our care all the animals are thoroughly examined by our vet and we make sure that all animals are spayed and neutered, treated for any illness, given all necessary vaccinations, and are chipped before we find a new home for them. To obtain these mandates we also do these following activities and duties: - to raise awareness amongst the general public regarding the importance of spaying and neutering our pets and uphold animals rights - to hold presentations and orientation days at local schools regarding proper animal treatment and rights - to maintain strong relation and co-operation with local and international animal protection societies, clubs and organizations, which in turn enables us to continue to our joint rescue operations - to organize playground days with our rescued pets (specially chosen ones) for mentally and physically handicapped kids - to teach people how to properly integrate their pets into their family unit We are very grateful for any kind of donations. Tax number: 18143331-1-13 Bank account number: IBAN: HU98117420942018120800000000 SWIFT: OTPV-HU-HB

Our partner: Blöki   Magyar Állatvédők és Természetvédők Szövetsége
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