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Adoptable pet (Dog)

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Identifier:1165Current age:1 year 9 months
Name:Kutas OszkárDate found:2021-08-21
Breed:English Greyhound, Irish Wolfhound MixAdoptable from:2021-08-30
Size:LargeLikes people:Yes
Coat:MediumLikes children:n/a
Color:Black and whiteGets along well with male dogs:n/a
Housebroken:n/aGets along well with female dogs:n/a
Keep in:Both flat and gardenGets along well with cats:n/a
Looking for the original owner only:No 
Adoptable to abroad:Yes 

(please read this first)
Hungarian:70 434-7075, 20 340-4274,
English:+3620 340-42-74, +36 70 434-7075,
Date of deletion:2021-10-31
Reason of deletion:Adopted


Name:Agár Fajtamentés  
Type:Animal protection organizationCounty:Pest
Practice euthanasia:NoTown:Ócsa
Tax number:18078477-1-13Street:Újerdő 33.
Bank account:Erste 11991102-02149699-00000000 AGÁRPostal code:2364
Web site:
to adoption:
Candidates are required to prove their identity and verify their residence. Adopted pets are either spayed or neutered by the organization or will be by the future owner. In accordance with the adoption terms, a signed adoption contract and checked adoption location is the necessary for a successful procedure. Please fill in and return us the following questionnaire: The hounds are NOT residing at the shelter. Most of them are waiting for the loving, permanent owner at their temporary home, so please contact us via email or phone before you come to us (pay us a visit). The owners are only charged for the chip and vaccinations, nevertheless you could donate to our pets in addition. You can get more information and a trial test via email. The harder part is the actual guardianship not the adoption itself. For poachers and for hunting we do not offer sight hounds!

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